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(and even that is optional) Create Audio & Video Podcasts WITHOUT all the technical work All You Do is Talk! (and other content)

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anouncr is Your Full-Service Content Team!


Our Turn-key, Human-Powered Service Is Designed For Content Creators and Brands to Maximize Their Content Efforts Without Adding 30 Hours to Their Workweek.


We do all the behind the scenes work required to create high quality, consistent Podcasts and Videos.

How it Works

Learn how easy it is to create a massive amount of high quality, human produced content

1. You Talk

You sit down in a quiet room in front of a webcam, your co-hosts or interviewees do the same from their own locations and you just talk.


2. We…

(in very general terms)

  • Record your episodes
  • Edit both an audio and video version of each episode
  • Host the files
  • Text Transcribe each episode
  • Post and distribute your episodes
  • Create & distribute many pieces of additional content made from each episode
  • …then Repeat!

All along the way our team of dedicated content professionals are available to you for coaching, planning and support.


3. You Have A Successful Podcast

With only a small investment of your own time you will have a consistent and steady stream of content which will promote your brand, boost your SEO and ultimately grow your business.

There is no easier way to simultaneously create a successful audio podcast, a successful video podcast and the massive amount of supporting content anouncr’s service provides.

The anouncr base package provides a minimum of 32 100 pieces of premium custom content per month! 

We Do The Recording Virtually!

We set up, coordinate and test recording between you and your guests so no one has to leave their home or office to conduct a killer interview and create an epic podcast!

Once the recording is done we edit and add graphics making the finished product look like a professional TV-style production.

Need help choosing the right microphone or camera to maximize your quality? We do that too!

Free equipment consulting and support is included.

All You Do Is Talk!

Actually… You don’t even have to talk!


We can plan, produce and distribute a totally custom audio and video podcast for your company or brand using professional podcast talent actors, show hosts and subject matter experts.

Our Premium Unlimited Media Hosting is the Foundation of Our Service

This will be your podcast’s “home base”.  It’s where iTunes and the other podcast directories will pull your episodes from. It can even become it’s own revenue generator!


Premium Media

anouncr provides a robust, custom media hosting service with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, optimized media players and multiple global CDNs designed to deliver audio, video and blog content with a fast and easy to use experience to any size audience.


Powered Website

anouncr provides each podcast with it’s own WordPress powered website. This ultra-popular platform gives you the flexibility and stability your content needs. This site can be integrated with your existing website or it can have a custom domain name and be used on it’s own. Of course, we do all that setup work as well as post your content on the site for you so it couldn’t be easier.


Advanced Media Content Features

anouncr was built with content creators who span multiple mediums in mind.  anouncr can provide:
Audio Podcast & Video hosting – Unlimited storage space
Blogcasts – Your written word turned into an audio podcast
Live Streaming – Live stream video on your own private site



anouncr provides multiple monetization features which we can fully implement and manage for you to help turn your content into a source of revenue.
Monetization options include:
Advertising in your podcast
Sponsored segments
e-commerce – Your own online merch store
Website ads
Pay walls, Pay-Per-View events or videos
Audience Donations
Paid Memberships or Subscriptions

Available Service Features

Some services require additional fees. No additional charges will ever be incurred without prior approval.

Full Recording

anouncr does all the recording for you! All you and anyone who you’d like to have on your podcast will need is a computer or smartphone with a camera on it and a quiet room. If you can “Zoom”, you can host a podcast. Our producer will help each person get on and make sure they’re looking good. They’ll also be standing by during the duration of the recording to answer any questions or help in anyway you may need. In-person studio recording services are available in our Syracuse, NY studios upon request.

Podcast Guest & Interaction Capabilities

Using the power of modern video conferencing technology you can have dozens of podcast co-hosts or guests simultaneously join your show at anytime. If guests don’t have video available they can also join your show via the phone. We have the capability to take phone calls live during your recording. Upon request, we can also set up email addresses, chat tools and text messaging options for your audience to interact with the show. 

Audio & Video Editing

An anouncr producer will take your episode recording and edit them to remove small mistakes, pauses, coughs, etc. They’ll also add your intro/outro and video graphics as applicable. Audio is processed for the best quality sound. You’ll always have the opportunity to review and request additional edits before any episode goes live.

Episode Highlights & Additional Content

In addition to the video podcast and audio podcast anouncr produces for you, we also create highlight content to promote each episode and the podcast or your product in general. This is done by taking video clips, still images and quotes from your episode and turning them into social media posts in the form of videos, memes, blogs and other types of posts. This allows you to maximize the amount of content you put out without doing any additional recording. Want more content? It’s very easy to scale this service up and create even more content without any additional recording time. 

Full Setup and Podcast Submissions

anouncr is a truly turn-key podcast service starting with the most basic setup tasks. We will setup and configure the look of your website, configure your podcast, submit it to all the major podcast directories like iTunes, Google Play, etc. We’ll also setup your YouTube channel in preparation for your new video episodes. Optionally we can setup and manage Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, TikToc and other social media accounts to promote your content as well. Even though we set these things up for you, they belong to you and you’ll always have full control of them.

Text Transcription

Once you approve the edits on a podcast episode we run it through the top text transcription service available to get a full text transcript of everything said during the episode. We add this text to the episode description for the audio podcast and videos. This allows search engines like Google to index the things you’ve said which creates a major boost to your SEO. Transcriptions also make it easy to find particular segments when your audience wants to listen back or share them. 

Blog to Podcast

Blogcasting: anouncr can turn your written words into an audio podcast. The best part is all you have to do is write your post and anouncr does the rest! We simply post your blog and the text is automatically converted to speech and the file can be added to your podcast feed. This feature is powered by Amazon Polly, the same technology that drives Alexa. Over 50 different voices available! 

Guest Booking Tools

Guest interviews are a huge part of podcasting and content creation. So booking guests is a huge part of the process. We provide tools like a custom booking calendar for your show which allows invited guests to schedule themselves based on your recording schedule. We also provide email templates and advice on how to get people to say ‘yes’ to being a guest on your show. Also, anouncr has a big list of great subject matter experts and interesting people whom we’ve worked with on other podcasts. We can often help you find guests who would be a great fit. 

Podcast Stats

Get a full accounting of how many people are listening to your podcast and from which platforms with detailed podcast analytics. anouncr provides a monthly analytics report but you can check your stats at anytime. anouncr uses IAB Certified podcast statistics services to provide you with numbers you can trust and sell on. 

Google Analytics

anouncr is fully integrated with Google Analytics and we can tie your anouncr site to your existing GA account or create a new one for you. Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics platform but it’s not the only one. Upon request we can configure your site to use alternative analytics services as well. Website analytics data is included in monthly reports anouncr provides. 


Even if you’re podcasting just for fun, it doesn’t hurt to make some money with your show. anouncr will work with you to implement and manage almost any type of standard monetization method available. With options ranging from audience donations to ads and corporate sponsorships, there are a lot of opportunities to monetize your content. We’ll work with you to find the right ones for you and get them up and running. 

Highly Scalable

The backend technology that powers anouncr is the same technology that powers the world’s largest websites and most demanding internet services. Whether you have an audience of 10 people or 10 million anouncr can help you deliver your content to them quickly and easily.

Intro / Outro & Graphics

Any good podcast or video show has a great intro. Whether its like a  TV show with a memorable theme song or a more corporate, dynamic logo reveal type intro, anouncr will professionally produce both an opening (intro) as well as a closing (outro) sequence / credits for both video and audio podcast use.  High end custom video graphics will be created to wrap the screen of your videos giving them a professional “TV Show” look and feel.  We also create an attention grabbing custom cover image for each episode we post. 

Content Coaching & Consultation

Just because you want to start a podcast doesn’t mean you know everything about it. As part of our dedication to your success, anouncr includes content coaching and consultation services to all our clients for no additional charge. Coaches are available to answer your questions, provide ideas, help you plan your content and keep you motivated. They’ll also share tips and tricks on what works best at the moment as we all learn new things in our constantly evolving digital world. 

Import Existing

Many folks already have a podcast, video show or blog that they would like to move to anouncr. That’s no problem at all and the anouncr team can do it all for you. You never need to leave anything behind or lose content you created in the past. 

Social Media Integration & Management

anouncr is fully integrated with all the top social media networks. This allows automatic alerts and promotions to go out to your networks and draw people to your content. anouncr can fully manage these types of social media promotions as well as manage social media advertising campaigns you may wish to engage in. By leveraging the networks like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram and others we can maximize the attention your content gets.

Custom Apps

Take your content to the next level with your own custom app for Android, iPhone, Roku and more! With a native app available in the official app stores you can give your audience a streamlined and impressive listening/viewing experience. You can also offer news, blogs, images and other resources in your app. Apps bring your marketing and monetization opportunities to the next level as well! You can sell your products, offer pay-per-view content and send direct push notifications to your users at anytime. 

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is an incredible way to reach your audience, interact with them in real time and provide a powerful podcast experience. anouncr can provide live streaming services to make this happen easily. We can help you stream privately to just your own site or blast your live stream to multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Periscope (Twitter) and others simultaneously. Once the live stream is over we take the video just like any other recording and turn it into a podcast episode for people to check out anytime in the future.

Talent Casting Services

At anouncr we say “all you have to do is talk” but in reality, busy executives and brand marketers don’t always have time for that. Yet, they still need killer content to promote their products and services. For that reason, anouncr can create a fully produced podcast, video or other content for you. This service can range from just providing a co-host to full production of a scripted show with an entire cast, recorded in our studios.

List Building &
Lead Generation

Turn podcast fans into customers you can market directly to at anytime. anouncr offers multiple email and SMS list building tools. Direct your podcast listeners/viewers to sign up to receive updates, tips, coupons and other information from you. As they do you’ll develop a great email and or SMS marketing list of interested people who want to hear from you. From there anouncr can help you reach them with fully managed email and SMS messaging campaigns. 

Powered By Humans

anouncr uses the best tools and technology available to provide you with the most successful content campaigns possible but this is not some platform we sell you to use on your own.


This is a fully human-powered concierge service.


anouncr and it’s team members are 100% based in the USA


General Pricing Information

All features and limits listed are per month. Typically, we will ask for a 12 month commitment. All pricing and packages are customized to each customer’s goals and needs.

Hosting Only

WordPress Powered Website 

Unlimited Media File Storage 

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Blogcasting
(Writen word to audio podcast)

Fully Managed 

Free Initial Setup 

Free Domain Name 

Free SSL Certificate 



Base Package

Provides a minimum of 32 100 Pieces of Content Per Month!

Dedicated Account Rep.

Fully Managed Unlimited Hosting

Up to 4 Hours of Recording per Month

Up to 4 Fully Edited Audio Episodes per Month

Up to 4 Fully Edited Video Episodes per Month

Minimum of 92 Pieces of Additional Supporting Content Created From Episodes Including: Video clips, Blogs, Audio clips, Memes

Production of Video Intro/Outro

Production of Audio Intro/Outro

Creation of Custom Video Graphics

Podcast Directory Submission

Episode Posting

Social Media Promotion

Guest Booking Tools 


Website Setup

YouTube Channel Setup

Monthly Reports


starting at $2499/month

Custom Service

Includes Everything in Base Package 

More Episodes Per Month

More Supporting Content

Written Blog Content

Live Streaming

Monetization Management

 e-Commerce (Merch Store)

Pay wall / Membership / Pay-Per-View Management

Multiple Podcasts

Full Casting Services
(We provide the talent) 

Advanced Marketing

Social Media Management

List Building and Lead Generation

SMS (text message) Marketing

Email Marketing

Your Own Custom Android, iPhone, Roku App

Google Ad Management


starting at $2999/month

Let’s Make Your Content!

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